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Glitter tat stencils, glitter, mica powder

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Glitter tat stencils, glitter, mica powder

Post by Sunrise on Thu Oct 29, 2015 11:29 pm

These have been sitting around in my kit for a while, purchased back when glitter tats surged but I just never felt the love.

Set of stencils, six designs, 4 to 6 of each, except the frog which has 9.

Good size tub black opaque glitter. I can't even remember the brand and the tub is unmarked, but it's good quality, only opened a couple times.

Amerikan Body Art mica powder in true blue, another one that never got used.

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Make offer. I haven't been active on the forum in a while; downgraded to mostly hobbyist now and just trying to lose some of the miscellaneous stuff.

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