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Help my friend Mike the Reptile Guy! sign this petition!

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Help my friend Mike the Reptile Guy! sign this petition!

Post by Forest-Fairy on Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:22 pm

Support Mike the Reptile Guy! Sign the Petition!

I have worked with Mike at a few birthday parties, he brings reptiles to parties and does an educational show. He runs a rescue center here on the BC coast where I live.

He needs your help!

Mike runs the largest local Reptile Rescue facility in the lower mainland. Aryn and I support him and his work in every way, he really knows his stuff and is the BEST when it comes to reptile care. 

Sadly the SPCA looking for more publicity, more donations, or just that they don't agree with reptiles as pets; have chosen to harass Mike, and seize some of the reptiles he was rehabbing. Claiming animal abuse they have brought charges against him, alleging that HE was the cause of the animals neglect (instead of the previous owners)! That's like going into a childrens hospital and claiming child abuse because there are sick kids there!

Also note that the SPCA does not take in reptiles at the majority of their locations! Reptiles require highly specialized care from heat lamps to special diets, and the SPCA do NOT have the means to care for them! I know, I've seen it myself! A single lizard habitat can cost $600 just for a basic setup!

This raid comes after a recent break in at the Reptile Rescue Facility where a number of items were stolen, and Mike has even sold his own person vehicle to help pay the bills to help keep his animals housed with the expense of moving to a new and larger location. All the money he makes doing birthday parties goes to helping the reptiles.

People abandon so many reptiles every day in this province, some are abandoned in boxes outside the Mikes facilities door, all because some one bought an animal on a whim and didn't know how hard they were to take care of. It's really admirable what this man does, it really is. He's a hero AND a fellow childrens entertainer.

Please help and show your support!

Hear Mikes side of the story here (AUDIO)

Read and see the story here (VIDEO x2)

Show support by commenting here on the reptile guy facebook page

Tell the BC SPCA what you think of their deplorable actions by leaving a review here (they will delete negative comments, but they can't touch your review!)
(join the 30+ and counting people who have already told them what they think!)

Need a worthwhile charity to support this holiday season? This is it!
Donate to Help the Reptiles:
donations can be made via paypal or email transfer to mike@reptileguy.ca

Thank you all for caring about these often overlooked creatures! *hugs*

If you want to see more of Mikes rescue work, check out these videos!


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Re: Help my friend Mike the Reptile Guy! sign this petition!

Post by Kal on Thu Dec 10, 2015 6:30 am

Signed and shared with fellow herpers.

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Re: Help my friend Mike the Reptile Guy! sign this petition!

Post by skquinn on Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:23 pm

Just curious, what became of this?


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Re: Help my friend Mike the Reptile Guy! sign this petition!

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