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How to keep paints from cracking

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How to keep paints from cracking

Post by Snazzy12 on Fri Jan 15, 2016 6:57 pm


I ordered 12 Global cakes. I tested them by making a few swatches otherwise I havent used them. I have a gig tomorrow and when I went to clean them I noticed they have racks in them. Most cracks are an inch and some dried up around the edges. I picked up the black and tipped the container a little and it broke into a buch of chunks and pieces. I ve only had the cakes since last December I ve been spraying them with water and lightly rubbing the water into the cracks but they still show and I dont know if people will like that or not since it makes them look old. Is this normal? Anyone have suggestions? I thought paint lasted 2 years or does it depend on the brand.
Thanks very much .



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Re: How to keep paints from cracking

Post by jlirie on Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:59 am

sounds like winter dryness got the best of them. i'd moisten them as much as possible without getting them soggy, and hope they absorb the water in time.

don't worry about what people think. if they are clean and colorful, i doubt anyone would care. if people ask, you could explain about winter dryness.

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Re: How to keep paints from cracking

Post by LucciPucci on Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:40 am

I've just started with face painting, and I'm ordering only Global, because it seems like they are the healthiest choice. Have been using their global black for about 2 1/2 weeks with no problem. The weather just turned sharply cooler, and I noticed a crack in the black this morning. My first thought was that the fluctuation in temperature might be the cause. It was cooler in my apartment and I noticed the coconut oil had congealed. Plus the heat went on. That's my best guess. I'm not gonna worry about it, as long as it performs fine when I wet it.


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Re: How to keep paints from cracking

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