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what makes a good face painting website?

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what makes a good face painting website?

Post by jlirie on Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:01 am

what makes a good face painting website?

face painters often ask for feedback on their face painting websites from other forum members, so i thought i'd list features that help make a face painting website attractive and easy to use.

please feel free to add your ideas.

* general principles -

less is more - be brief, use easy to understand language,

use an outline - headings, short paragraphs, good size & easy to read fonts,

spell check and grammar check - type text into a document, use spell check and grammar check, then copy and paste into your website template

* goal‎ - the goal of a face painting website is two-fold -

to inspire someone to hire you to do face painting at their event,

and make it easy for them to do so

* essentials on the home page -

- top of home page - 

1)  business name and heading, colorful graphic(s) representing your style, 
simple or classic is fine, but remember, does it represent the color and fun of face painting?

- under your business name - 

2)  your contact info in good size, easy to read font, 
include email, phone #, online form if available,‎ your name & link to your Facebook face painting page, if you want,

- tabs or drop down menu -

3)  tabs or a drop down menu usually will be near the top of the home page - use them to link to pages describing your services and yourself in more detail (see below)

- under your contact info -

4)  good photos of good face painting work - good sized, well done, in focus, well lit, colorful,‎ no distracting backgrounds,
if your website has a horizontal photo scroll, use that,

have a variety of designs - 1-2 examples of different popular designs, the ones you do at regular events in 3-8 minutes each, plus a few unique designs, 

don't put 4 flower masks, 4 butterflies, and 1 spiderman!

5)  put your custom appointments, belly paintings, and body paintings on a separate page(s) with information about those services,‎
use tabs or drop down menu to link to those pages.

6)  if you offer services such as glitter tattoos, henna, air brush tattoos/face painting, balloon twisting, costumed characters, themed parties, etc at regular events, list them on the home page, with a short explanation and several photos for each service, 

use tabs or links to pages with in depth information about these services.

- bottom of home page, if there's room, 
otherwise use tabs or drop down menu to link to pages with this info  -

7)  short explanation that you use cosmetic grade face paint makeup designed to be used on skin, made with FDA compliant ingredients (list brand names, if you want), cosmetic glitter and glitter gel, and professional supplies,‎
no acrylic or craft paint or supplies,

8.)  that you use appropriate hygienic practices,‎ including not painting faces of customers who are sick or have skin conditions (cuts, sores, rashes,‎ etc),
and offer painting on their arm or hand, or stickers or other prize instead.

9)  list positive reviews and testimonials from customers,
awards, & publicity.

* tabs and drop down menu -

10)  link to‎ pages with in depth information about services and topics on your home page,

11)  gallery with more photos of your face painting,‎ organized by topic if you want (girls, boys,‎ themes, holidays, events),‎

12)  ingredients list for face paints, if you want, info about potential allergens, if any,

- link to pages with other information about your services and products -

13)  prices‎ and rates, length of bookings, types of events at which you will face paint,

14)  towns and areas served, distance you will travel, travel charges, minimum length of bookings for long distance events,

15)  liability insurance coverage you have,

16)  contract with details of terms (deposit, payment, cancellation policy, any items event will provide, etc),

17)  short, professional bio about yourself, your training and experience in face painting,

18)  how to remove face paint from skin, and clothing.

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