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If you have $150, what would you...

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If you have $150, what would you...

Post by TonyDp on Fri Mar 11, 2016 4:15 pm

If you have $150 to spend and  you are just starting in face painting (like me), what would you purchase (brushes, paint, sponges, glitter.)?
Thank you very much.Rolling Eyes
P.S. I live in the USA, but English is not my first language (so sorry for my grammar). Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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Re: If you have $150, what would you...

Post by jlirie on Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:37 pm

yes, lol. there have been other threads on this subject, which you can also look up.

from experience, most people suggest starting small, buying a few essentials. because you will figure out the ones you love and really use, and the ones you aren't so excited about after all.

this applies to face paint brands and colors, brands and shapes of brushes, glitter, etc.

also, it saves money if you don't have a lot of paid events yet. if you will be doing paid events regularly, you should really purchase liability insurance, too.

a good starter kit would be a small palette (8-12 colors) or two of colors you would use in your popular designs, or a palette and a couple rainbow or one stroke cakes. one pallette or rainbow cake could be metallic or secondary colors.

most face painters like the loew cornell gold grip or 7000 series brushes, fantasy worldwide sponges, and suzy sparkles glitter gel. they happen to be available from the face paint forum shop (banner above).

essential brushes would be several #3 or #4 round for line work, flowers, small shapes, medium teardrops and dots, #1 or #2 round for fine lines and details, (round brushes are round with a pointed end), 3/4" angled or regular flat brushes for covering large areas, 1/4" flat for small areas. optional, petal or filbert brushes, but you can use rounds for most small shapes.

other supplies include jug to carry water, cups or containers to rinse brushes in, brush holder(s), dark cloths or towels to blot paintbrushes on, display of some kind for pictures of face paint designs, carrying case, hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol, paper towels or wipes, hair pins or clips to hold kids bangs back when you paint foreheads. also a few stencils and gems, to add accents to designs.

if you are jumping right into lots of events, consider purchasing a small portable table and chair(s), although these can cost a bit. then there are tents, rolling carts, banners, etc, etc.

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Re: If you have $150, what would you...

Post by Kris5115 on Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:33 am

In addition to a starter palette with multiple individual colors, I'd recommend Wolfe, DFX or TAG white and black.  They come separately or for the TAG you could buy a split that is half black and half white.

I would recommend a "rainbow" cake with multiple colors.  TAG Carnival or the TAG Neon Rainbow are good choices.  These are great for sponging butterflies or other designs.  Havana Sunset is also pretty. Frozen is still very popular so something blue would be good too. I know some painters really like these large cakes with multiple colors for sponging designs. I do many designs this way and find them quick and effective. But others prefer using a brush. If you prefer a brush, you may still want at least one rainbow cake but shouldn't spend as much on multiple of these cakes.

I also recommend a couple of 1-stroke cakes.  These are good for using the wider brush to pick up multiple colors.  I think that Berry & 3D-Leaf are good choices.  You can do flowers and pretty designs with Berry.  And you can do snakes and leaves (for the flowers) with the 3D-Leaf.  Another good one is Dragon which can also be used for flowers, snakes and fire. A blue one stroke is also a good choice and could be used for Frozen designs, dolphins, dragons, flowers and more. Again, some painters really like one stroke designs and using wide brushes to add multiple colors. Buy more or less of these depending on your interest and proficiency with 1-stroke designs.

Do you also want glitter?  Never use craft glitter for face painting.  Only use cosmetic grade glitter (because it is round cut polyester that will not scratch the cornea if it gets into the eyes and it is non-toxic if swallowed).  Basic white iridescent glitter goes with all designs and may be purchased in a small poofer bottle (or without the bottle).

As far as sponges go, sometimes I buy car washing sponges from the dollar store and cut them with my electric knife to make smaller sponges.  But if you want a little nicer sponge, my favorite is the green fantasy sponge.  They are round and I cut them in halfs or quarters.  

For brushes, buy a few and see what you like. Once you know how stiff and how much point and how big you like, buy more of those.

Are you interested in stencils? Consider getting a snowflake for all of those Frozen designs. If you like stencils, get more. There are so many great options but they take a little practice. I like using a barely damp sponge or dauber and sticky paint that isn't too wet with my stencils.

The Face Paint Forum Shop has a great selection and quick reasonable shipping.

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Re: If you have $150, what would you...

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