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You are all way too awesome

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You are all way too awesome

Post by shaun the florist on Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:22 pm

Ok, seriously, is this even possible for me. I thought I could do this but... you are all way too awesome. I started to really look at "real" facepainters art and noticed something. This is really art. Not a hobby, not something you just pick up and do. My hats off to you. I'm pretty artistic, floral designer, wood carver, etc. Don't know if I'll ever get to the level of many fp artists I've seen represented here. Can practice really bring me to a level where I can be called a pro? Whats the learning curve. Obviously the more you practice the faster it goes, but can everyone do this eventually? I used to think I could train almost anyone to be a floral designer, but that's not true. A certain amount of inherent talent helps tremendously. Just wondering if the few hundred dollars I spent on dfx wolfe tag, loew cornell and BAS is just for my children and there friends or will I someday see some turn around. I'm not usually pessimistic, but dang, you are all way too awesome!

shaun the florist

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Re: You are all way too awesome

Post by fesspenter on Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:46 pm

Dear shaun the florist:
If I could do one thing differently, I would have purchased less paint, and practiced MORE.
There are workshops to attend, FABATV, YouTube Videos, and the FacePaintForum has Step By Step designs to show you.
One of the very best face painters I have ever met claims to be unable to create a good stick figure drawing, yet her teardrops are amazing.
Keep at it! Have fun! Play.
Happy Painting!

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Re: You are all way too awesome

Post by jlirie on Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:07 pm

chances are, if you are artistic in other ways (such as the floral design and wood carving you mentioned) and you are interested in face painting, you will probably be able to develop your skill.

in fact, having experience in 3D design probably helps, as faces are 3D with several different textures.

just apply the same effort and practice you do with your other endeavors. it will take time, but i have found two things that help me get better -

1) look at photos of really good face of paintings (Google search). study what makes then good -
fun or interesting subject or theme,
clean line work and details,
good color combinations,
good composition and placement on the face,
appropriate number of details (sometimes less is more), blending and shading, etc.
try to copy those good techniques. watch videos on youtube of good face painters, and if you can, as fesspenter mentioned, take a class with someone who can show you how in person.

2) above all, crisp clean line work will make or break your face painting, and i think it is the hardest technique to master, so practice that most of all. i am still working on that, and will be for awhile!

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Re: You are all way too awesome

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