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swatches - face paint, powders, liquids, glitters, liquid bling

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swatches - face paint, powders, liquids, glitters, liquid bling

Post by jlirie on Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:50 pm

hi all,

thinking of starting this thread to consolidate swatches of face paint products in one place.

there are a lot of swatches scattered throughout other threads, so it's hard to find them.  (also, photos have disappear from the oldest threads).

** one thing that would be important would be good white lighting (either natural or artificial) to get accurate representation of skin tone and product colors.

swatches could be posted in different ways -

* series of face paint colors (cake, powder, or liquid) from one brand - regular, pearl/metallic, splits, etc.

* comparison of similar colors from different brands -
solid colors, splits.

* comparison of brands with line work on top -
similar base colors with white and black, and other color linework.

* comparison of glitters, mica powders, liquid bling.

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