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Legal question about logos

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Legal question about logos

Post by EnchantedFacesbyDalton on Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:28 am

My question

I created a business and did a pretty eye face painting on myself, this face painting is not my logo but was a profile picture for my gig salad.

Another face painter in my city whom has had their business for much longer has claimed since their photo is on their website and has been the center of it, it is what her clients recognize her by. Her photo is of a pretty eye done by her.

Obviously mine is done on me and hers on her. They both have similar features but are not the same for different reasons.

Is this an infringement? Like I said it's not my logo but even if it was, does this infringe on her property?

If so, I feel like all face painting could be infringing on another face painter.

Thanks all

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Re: Legal question about logos

Post by ArtStylez on Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:25 am

When I started my business, the first thing I did was think of different professional logos and banners for my business.  Since my business is not only face painting, I decided to use my company name Art Stylez.

I don't see it as an infringement but since it is being noticed in attachment to her business, a different picture might have to be used to avoid any issues.

What I can suggest in my own opinion is use your design as the logo without your face?  I know everyone paints/draws the same type of thing but if it is unique to you, I would probably get it digital and used as your logo, then have it printed and placed on wherever you want it to be.  

Here is what 2 of my logos look like, its simple and I use it digital for specific professional stuff like my digital receipts in email, yellow pages, square, etc.

I haven't made my face painting boards yet, but I will probably just use my business name with my websites design than my other logos.

Square store - my other logo

For my banner, I just put my business name with what my business cards looked like.

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Re: Legal question about logos

Post by jlirie on Fri Jun 10, 2016 10:33 am

if you copied your design from hers and it's pretty identical, you need to change it up.

if it's just one of dozens of face painting eye designs, we'll that's art, and it's yours.

however, you might think of it the other way around - YOU might want to distinguish yourself from HER by making sure your design doesn't remind people of her Smile

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Re: Legal question about logos

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