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Temporary tattoo black ink recommendations?

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Temporary tattoo black ink recommendations?

Post by shinobidef on Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:33 am

I've been quite excited about the idea of starting with temporary tattoos (mainly black) and have been researching Colorini, Temptu (I can't find Dura Platinum in the UK so would have to be Dura Original) and a Earth Jagua (although I know the later uses a nozzle). I know a few users on here love Colorini but if I tell you about what I want to create, hopefully you knowledgeable folk can point me in the right direction.

Unfortunately, as I'm a new user I can't post links but I'm looking to create fairly detailed linework, sometimes with blending and also larger areas of pure black (I'm not sure if brushstrokes will be an issue here?)

I think the Temptu inks are supposed to be applied using an airbrush but I saw a girl on You Tube using Dura with a paintbrush who did a pretty awesome feather.

I don't plan on using any stencils (but will prob use transfer sheets) and don't want to fork out for an airbush kit at this stage so can anyone recommend some inks and brushes/nozzzles? I'm interested in semi permanent inks (where you can either remove with alcohol or that fade), rather than those that will last a day or wash of easily with water and soap.

Thanks so much!


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