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Tag, You're It!! Sept-Oct 2016

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Tag, You're It!! Sept-Oct 2016

Post by jlirie on Fri Sep 02, 2016 11:54 pm

Join us for "Tag, You're It!!"

~Just add your name to the bottom of the list, then repost the list with your name added.

~The person before you on the list "tags" you with a theme they want you to paint (and the date). They also send you a PM (private message) to let you know.

~You have 3 days to paint a design based on that theme, and post it. You can paint yourself (face, arm, etc), another person, a practice head, or any suitable medium.

~After you post your painting, tag the next person with a theme, and PM them. (If you post later in the evening, tag the next person with tomorrow's date). Move your name to the bottom of the list.

~If you don't post a painting after 3 days, your theme goes to the next person, and your name goes to the bottom of the list. This way the game keeps moving.

team a

whoever on the list sees this first! - tagged with "graffiti" on 9/2
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