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SW Florida in da house! Whoot!

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SW Florida in da house! Whoot!

Post by Squirrelletta on Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:38 am

Hi Gang!

So glad and grateful to be here and to find such an awesome source of education, support and talent! I've been a "non-professional" artist since I was a fetus and started temp tattoo's back in high school at the back of the rooms! I used to spend most of gym class busting them out on kids and had a stack of Tat mag's for people to chose from while they waited. Back then I'd charge $3 to $5 for the simple fact that there were too many students waiting to sneak one on themselves and it was only a mater of time until a teacher busted me and asked me to...*gasp...LEARN and pay attention in class! Twisted Evil

Working on skin has always been my favorite form of fine art, its odd it never really crossed my mind to do it on a more organized professional level! I'm finishing up the 12 week course with a group of friends using The Artists Way book and its been life changing as far as getting me back into my art after decades of blocking that part of myself for one reason or another. I've always volunteered at fests that were fund raisers for biological topics and geared toward reptiles, ect. Seldom have I done feminine designs and NEVER have I used actual prof. face paint. (I'd always used air brush markers and never on the face...ekk!) SOOOO.....I'm excited to become educated and practice this new form of skin artistry on my kids and their friends as victims! LOL My boys are 11 and 7 and their friends almost ALWAYS ask for one while over at the house.

Just a little history, I'm very much a newbie to this technique and excited to absorb all I can from all your experience! My first stop is buying the CORRECT, safest and best paints to practice. And also look for some of those sheets with faces printed on them to practice at home when I'm alone. I've only seen them in the UK and would appreciate any tips on what to use or if I should indeed purchase a dummy model that is ideal for this type of work.

Thanks guys!
Nicole A.K.A.: Squirrelletta

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Re: SW Florida in da house! Whoot!

Post by Affordable Face Magic on Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:16 pm

Welcome Nicole. Use the search button for a wealth of info.If you have access to a laminator, Denise Cold shared some faces & you can laminate them yourself.
Affordable Face Magic

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Re: SW Florida in da house! Whoot!

Post by Kris5115 on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:30 am

Hi and welcome!
For great products that are safe and effective, check out the Face Paint Forum Shop (it's the bright colored rectangle with face paint products near the top of this forum).

Each artist will have different preferences on the paint they like best but everything sold by the Face Paint Forum Shop is high quality. Shipping is reasonable and quick too.

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Re: SW Florida in da house! Whoot!

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