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painting tool

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painting tool

Post by Joanna1245 on Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:56 am

The drawing tool---color pencil, help artists drawing the vivid paintings, and improve the precision of a hard- point pencil. Obviously, these pencils are colorful, which is different to a graphite or charcoal implement. These colored pencil art has gained great popularity in recent years, people can purchase them on the market. Artists always look for high quality pencil which with rich color and lightfast. Colored pencil techniques plays an indispensable rule in the painting.
Watercolor pencil
Many artists like to dip their pencils directly into color liquor, and with the soft, wet brush, the artists may follow up a aquarelle. The aquarelle is special and has its own characteristic. However, itís not as simple as it sounds, because it is not easy to be controlled by the amount of water on the brush and as well as the pressure used.


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