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The Understanding of "the portrait of Oil Painting "

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The Understanding of "the portrait of Oil Painting "

Post by Joanna1245 on Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:54 am

In the process of copying the first composition is essential, especially the character oil painting, its shape that shape requirements than the still life, the scene will be more stringent.In the process of shaping, we first need to have a "ideal" position in the mind to copy the object, so in the shaping process will not be caused by unfamiliar difficulties.Here to add a copy of the manuscript in the election we must find suitable for their own, they like, so a great copy of the psychological agitation.

The shape of the time must have a plan to do not blindly write, draw what the operator, the lack of overall, to consider the overall layout of the arrangements, the local must grasp the dynamic of the characters, pay attention to the head, neck, shoulder, hand partsOf the connection between them and the ratio between the perspective relationship.I chose to copy the manuscript is Xie Chuyu's "Flower Shadow", select this piece of work is due to the dynamic performance of the characters make the screen look unique, but also increased the difficulty of copying, modeling process, I pay special attention to dynamic performance.

Shape to lay the whole shop to start a large bright and dark relationship, as the same as the sketch to highlight the three-dimensional character with the shop and the background of the spatial relationship, and shop major is the relationship between light and dark, while grasping the right big shopAfter the tune is conducive to the "major" to find shape, usually in the first character to measure the other ratio.

After laying the major focus is the subject, and to highlight the theme, and of course the main character is the characterization of the head and hand, since it is necessary to describe the "harsh", and must be described before more or less to know how to head and handAnatomical knowledge is conducive to the details of the description, but not "painting" do not mind, there modeling error, and focus on the process of carving the head and hands do not ignore the relationship between the body to deal with the relationship between body and clothes, Clothes to deal with the relationship between layers of clothing patterns, the appropriate expression of the object texture, enhance the screen effect.

Blind, you can choose other parts of the paint, such as dry and then do a little dry modification, and will not appear dirty color or modify the effect of "anti-into the whole picture of the picture is not dry, do not worry,Dog ", whether it is integral or partial description must have their own aesthetic sense, the full effect of the United States, and sometimes to seize their own feelings at that time, that inspiration, so draw something more" air ", said" air"I think the oil paintings of the" air "from the eyes of the portrayal, in fact, as we look at a person, a look at the eyes we can immediately feel this person" God. "Of course, the oil in the eyes of the characters is the most vivid, and this requires a higher level of personalization and personal inspiration, so with the feeling to describe the eyes is the best stunt.


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