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Vincent van Gogh paintings; starry night inspiration for where?

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Vincent van Gogh paintings; starry night inspiration for where?

Post by Joanna1245 on Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:12 am

In 1889, the unknown Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh was recuperating in a psychiatric hospital in Provence, in southern France, where he was madly cut off in his left ear six months later. This psychiatric hospital was once a monastery, located in the hills outside the city of St. Remy. Van Gogh's room had a south-facing window, and he could see the rising sun at the window. Although he had not yet sold a painting, he was still in the body when allowed to continue to create, and even accompanied by the care of the Alpil mountains, not far from the sketch. It is here that he painted the famous painting "Starry Night". Silence of the wilderness night sky as if a wide river, all over the light of the whirlpool. Heavy paint is applied around the light point, seemingly clumsy, but full of dynamic and power. He also added the favorite cypress, like a green flame generally dancing. This is the theme he has always wanted to show. He has also tried twice before ("Night Cafe Terrace" and "Rhone Starry Night"), but none of this moving. Nobody knows how he got his inspiration.。


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