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Can't get glitter to stick!

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Can't get glitter to stick!

Post by Etb on Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:02 am

If I press glitter on it looms lovely but it doesn't stay on very long. What's the secret? If the paint is too dry should I dab on some water first then the glitter powder?

I also have a tag glitter puffer and I've pricked the top with a in but it still won't come out! Suggestions??


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Re: Can't get glitter to stick!

Post by jlirie on Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:47 pm

hi etb, you have several options -

apply glitter just after painting, while paint is still damp,
spritz paint with spray bottle of water to dampen, use poofer bottle to apply loose glitter,
use a damp brush to apply loose glitter, if face paint has dried,
use a dry brush to apply glitter gel, if face paint has dried.

if using a damp brush, or glitter gel, tap or lightly roll brush to apply glitter, so paint doesn't smear.

there are some new glitter spritzer bottles out (i haven't tried them but have seen demos on youtube), check the face paint forum shop above -


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Re: Can't get glitter to stick!

Post by Affordable Face Magic on Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:18 pm

Your glitter is probably not sticking because your paint is dry. I use a combination of poofer bottles & a few tiny jars. I always INTEND to poof on glitter before I finish, but sometimes forget. My solutions:
1- Try to train yourself to always poof glitter on after you brush or sponge on your base. It's wet, so it'll stick, then continue w/design.
2- If you forget & want regular glitter, then ALWAYS carry one sm. jar of your fave glitter. Touch a wipe or water, then towel, & dip that finger in glitter, applying it to any areas you want. You can do the same w/a damp brush rolled in your fave color, then apply by rolling the brush on your design. If the glitter you need is in a poofer bottle, you can remove the top & dip brush into bottle. This works well on a specific area. BE AWARE THIS TAKES TIME! If you have 10 or more in line, go to step 3!!!
3- I have spritzed a dry face & poofed w/glitter. This works better for an "all over" glitter coverage.
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Re: Can't get glitter to stick!

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