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Fast Fun Faces by Illusion (book) with design pics!

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Fast Fun Faces by Illusion (book) with design pics!

Post by Michelle Heffner on Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:38 am

I reviewed this book on my blog. Below is a picture of one of the designs and part of my review. The rest can be found here:



•Lists Products and Colors used
•Easy Designs
•LOTS of designs (29)
•Mostly children as models


•The wording on some steps is fuzzy
•Several of the faces add a full base when it is unnecessary
•I’m not a huge fan of the style of some of the paintings

Smashing designs I haven’t seen elsewhere:

•Noble Knight – totally worth the price of the book
•Totally Tiger – cute cute cute version of a half tiger
•Witch’s Web – I like the details and color of this one

I like this book. It was easy to use as a beginner since the designs are simple and I really like that they told us what colors they used (all Kryolan though).

You can find this book at Silly Farm for about $15.

p.s. Leave comments on the blog if you liked this review. How else will I know if you love me??
Michelle Heffner

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