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Post by Rickiddie Rick on Sun Nov 16, 2008 2:13 pm

Hi all you happy Face Painters,,,, well,,, it seems some of my friends think I am a preaty good cook and have agreed to spend Thanksgiving at my place. Of course I am to fix dinner... Yes, I do love to cook,,sometimes. Well,,,, at 67 and all those freebie food baskets have been giving me a lot of Tuna Fish.... You got it... Thanksgiving Dinner is going to be a Tuna Casserole... fooled them... When asked what they should bring I suggest Katchup, pie, Katchup, salad, Katchup, icecream, Katchup, and rolls/Katchup. My belief is the only thing that helps tuna fish casserole is Katchup. So for entertainment They get to sit on the high chair while practice face painting. Now that should seem like a real fun day in my books. I can use the Katchup to give that Bloody look to some fo the faces too... HHmmmm .... best get out my camera... now to learn how to get them on the computer.... Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!!! Do I hear "Can I have seconds on the Tuna?"

Rickiddie Rick... and smile,, I'll have paper plates and plastic

Rickiddie Rick

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Re: Thanksgiving...dinner

Post by Metina on Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:07 pm

That will teach them!

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