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Face Paint Jam in Va w/Carol Turman

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Face Paint Jam in Va w/Carol Turman

Post by Just Jenny on Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:20 pm

Tonight I got to go to Carol Turmans Jam tonight. Best of all I got to try out some new things. First the Wolfe Metallic White with their new teal color. I used them together to do a spiderman mask and then a butterfly. Metina would be proud to know that My butterfly looked a lot better then before....The hints and tips she gave me really worked. Elise F. was there at the jam as well as Stephanie to keep an eye on me.

nope, I don't have pictures.

Oh, and Elise F. painted the most awesome butterfly on another lady. She matched up the colors of the lady's clothes and accessories, and then painted the butterfly in the style of the clothes and hair and accessories. It was outstanding. Reminded me a lot of Agostinos style of painting, and it was just perfect.

Thank you Metina for your help Sunday, it made me really confident tonight, and I tried things that I haven't done before. You are the best.


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