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What ingredients should be avoided in face paint products?

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What ingredients should be avoided in face paint products?

Post by CATZ on Mon May 31, 2010 5:19 pm

I'm making a list of facepaint products and basic safety concerns. I'd love to learn from your experience to make my list as complete as possible. I've found a lot of useful information on the Snazaroo site as well as others, but there's a lot of products out there.

What ingredients are dangerous?

I'd also like to know what some of the potential allergens are that are most common in face paint.

Eventually I'll add a 'application' section so we can describe it's best attributes and application tips.



If you have some helpful files/lists you can email them to me at magna@catzmarketing.com

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Re: What ingredients should be avoided in face paint products?

Post by Perry Noia on Mon May 31, 2010 11:47 pm

Well, I can tell you of a few potential allergens... "acacia senegal gum" (which is in DFX, Wolfe and all the other similar ones) is an anti inflammatory and can cause a reaction for anyone with an NSAID allergy. Also, some people who are allergic to certain food dyes can have a reaction to those colours of face paint. I'll grant that both of these are fairly rare allergies, but it's always good to know the potential things.
Perry Noia

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