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What are you doing for the holidays?

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What are you doing for the holidays?

Post by Metina on Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:00 am

This is a legitimate question with a bit of a gripe. What are your holiday plans and how much do we do for others this time of year that we really would rather not?

No offense to you gentlemen out there, but I am really tired of all these holidays that I get stuck doing everything, while everyone sits and pouts if it all just isn't so.

I know many times, we put this pressure on ourselves, but I just can't believe that our loved ones are so oblivious to all that needs to be done. I just think that secretly wonder how long they can get away with doing nothing and making outrageous requests.

This year, I have a LOT going on with my mother who is in advancing stages of dementia. It sucks, but the family is dealing with it all with a positive attitude. My husband has been overseas for a majority of Nov and Dec., we went to Florida to deal with my mom's house and personal issues the whole week of Thanksgiving and I may have to go back next week.

My husband's brother invited us to his house for Christmas, which was very kind, but oh, we have to drive 4 hours to get there and drag all of presents with us and kennel our dogs.

I wasn't nasty to my husband about it, but I told him at least once directly that I didn't want to go because of all that was going on and hinted to the fact loads. I was secretly praying that the kennel I was on the waiting list wouldn't come through and I would be off the hook. He calls me from Germany and says "I got them into another kennel." GREAT!

So last night I finally let him have it and said I really don't want to go and said that I have been telling him this all along and he says no you didn't, well, maybe once. And I reply, "How many times do I have to say I don't want to go and you listen?" UMMM... silence......ok, I will email them and let them know. He gave me loads of attitude until he realized his error. All the while, if there was a way to choke someone over the phone, I would be in jail right now!

At least I am breathing a bit easier. I feel like a heel for bailing, but it is all just too much!

Sorry, I had to rant, but I feel so much better!

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Re: What are you doing for the holidays?

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:24 am

Actually I don't find Christmas that big a deal. Mind you there is no male in the picture to deal with...

Christmas, while it is a family get together time has never been a major event in our circle. We have dinner - I always cook it cause others in the extended family can't handle it for some reason - we get a crowd at our house in the afternoon of Christmas day to eat it, they go home. Done.

I make candy late November/early December which is our presents to everyone.

We put our tiny, pre-lit tree up in the bay window, hang a garland over the window. Decorating is done.

My mom sends out about 10 Christmas cards...

That's it, completely done...

I am so busy in December with my corporate bookings that I have no time on weekends - it's been that way for years.

We don't shop for people... and have very few presents.


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Re: What are you doing for the holidays?

Post by Heather Timmons on Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:19 am

I am feeling like a slacker mom, as I still have not decorated one bit for Christmas...no biggie for me and they hubby, but I do have three boys that enjoy all the 'glitter and sparkle'.

I think I will get some done today or maybe after this Sunday. Event this weekend to paint and then I have to get the school class party stuff together. School age kids definitely add a bit to the mix!

I used to do elaborate decorations at our home before the kids..now with kids, I'm lucky to get the tree up for them!! haha...twisted...

I love cooking, but usually do so for really close family as I can't keep the house clean for more than 5 minutes with little ones running amuck behind me dragging out stuff I just put away! It's cute and annoying! I've steam cleaned floors and furniture to only to have them trashed looking again that same day. Would be a 'dream come true' to have a house keeper!! I'd love them to death! I wonder if 'Alce' from the Brady Bunch really exists!

I understand the 'man factor'. They have to be told very bluntly, what you want. They do not get or understand the stressing out bits, or get hints until you wack them over the head 'frying pan style' with what you need. Then they are like "WTF, where did all that anger come from??" hahaha

Mine could care less what I do, doesn't care if I decorate, would eat sandwiches if that was all I made. But I WANT to have a nice tradition for the boys. We were not allowed to celebrate any holidays, not even birthdays when I was growing up. So I am putting it on myself, by wanting to have 'nice memories' for my boys. /shrug. He helps when he can, but doesn't seem to have the same sense of 'we need to get it done' that I go through!

No worries...venting allowed! I sympathize with your having to deal with a sick mom, work, kids, life, an absent husband!

My husband's work it thinking about sending him to London. Nice..would be fun it it wasn't the week before Christmas and they are only giving him 'hours' of notice...literally! UGh!
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Re: What are you doing for the holidays?

Post by Debi's Doodles on Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:51 pm

I'm just going to be thankful to be spending xmas with my husband and parents. Sometimes horrible things happen and it puts you back in check and reminds you not to sweat the small stuff.
I'm sure most of you or at least some of you have heard on the news about the F18 that hit the house in SD? Well that was about a mile from our house and my parents live right next to the base. My husband and I watched it on the news minutes after it happened...and its been on the news everyday since with updates. Its just so sad...losing your whole family and home in seconds. I can't even imagine.
And to hear the father speak and what he said took alot of strength. I think its on the cnn web site still.
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Re: What are you doing for the holidays?

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