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Anyone know much about hair??? Bleaching disaster...

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Anyone know much about hair??? Bleaching disaster...

Post by cattsy on Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:05 pm

Hi Y'all...

I'm really hoping that one of you wonderful people will have some sort of suggestions for me.

My hair is naturally a light brown color, but I had a red dye in it. I've been wanting to go a light blond with blue streaks for a long time. Didn't have the money to go to a salon (150-200 bucks yuck) so a friend said, no problem I can do it!

We used a blue powder bleach and a 40vol developer. We did two applications, which came out a mostly even yellow with a bit of orange... I want an ash blond with the blue underneath...

Here's the problem. I'm in the sticks and don't have access so a Sally's or other beauty supply that sells direct to public, there are two places up here but both require a license to purchase, so I'm hooped for product. I've been doing some research and I know I need a toner to get rid of the rest of the yellow/orange, but I know you use a violet base for yellow and a blue for orange and I'm not sure which I should use at this point. Also, not having access to professional product, I'm not sure what else I can use.

From my research, I think that once I tone it, I can put a semi or a demi permanent color over it, but again, I'm afraid of what to use cause I've heard it can go GREEN...

SO does anyone have suggestions on what product I can use that I can get at the drugstore or wherever that will get me the look I want?? the blue is easy I have Manic Panic Lie Locks to go on the under half of my hair. I know it's a contact dye and to be careful washing it out or it'll turn the blond blue as well.

Here's the pictures:

It doesn't actually look as orange in the pictures as I thought it would... there are a couple of small spots that are slightly darker but they are underneath.

This is the colour I was wanting to get:

It's Superior Preference Dream Blonde 9 Light Blonde by L'Oreal

I notice looking at their website L'Oreal also has a brass remover... gonna have to see if I can get that local here.

Any advice??? Kinda grasping at straws LOL I'm afraid to bleach again to get it lighter... I don't want it to all fall out!! I also am super afraid of it ending up green or some other horrid colour... the yellow/orange is bad enough...



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Re: Anyone know much about hair??? Bleaching disaster...

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:40 pm

As someone who has survived several battles in the hair dye wars... LEAVE IT!

I had my hair stripped of colour at a salon to dye it green and blue and they wrecked my hair... bleached it until it was actually transparent! Took the dye well, but only lasted a week... then I had to dye it violet to cover the god awful mess it was!

Let it grow out a bit, let the chemicals leach away.... then trim it and go to a pro.

Since you had dye in it, getting rid of it is almost impossible...


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Re: Anyone know much about hair??? Bleaching disaster...

Post by Tash on Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:52 pm

Yeah I agree with Shannon - your fist mistake was bleaching over died hair.
If you keep going it will break off - my friend had it break off two inches long all along the middle part of her hair - seriously not worth it.
The other thing you need to consider is the blue won't stay and will fade to green purple and a terrible grey colour.
I had purple hair that cost me $300 to get and lasted two and half weeks!
Now I go for hairclip extentions in different colors. People ask me all the time if that is my real hair - I tell them no -but I also tell them why.
My hair is ruined form all the colors I have put in it.
I used to get a frosting kit made for giving yourself straks with a cap and put the whole lot on my head - it made the hair white - platnium blonde but seriously killed the condition of my hair.
When you become a blonde in a hair salon they match the blonde color to the whites of your eyes so it suits your skin tone.
They are they only ones that can do it safely.
The brass remover will work to a point - but if you want your hair to be able to withstand the bleach I would suggest saving up and going to the professionals - yeah I know bit late now.
I wouldn't suggest you do the blue on your own - have a look at hair extentions - then you could have a diferent color every day!
( sorry can't be bother spell checking)

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Re: Anyone know much about hair??? Bleaching disaster...

Post by Dana Bee Creative on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:37 pm

I've only ever gotten my hair colored professionally and it is worth it. Since I have shorter hair my stylist doesn't charge me as much, but I would NEVER try doing it on my own unless I were licensed (which I hope to be within the next few years!) It is definitely worth it to get a professional bleach job--let us know what happens!
Dana Bee Creative

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Re: Anyone know much about hair??? Bleaching disaster...

Post by twinkletattoos on Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:01 pm

I actually think the color looks pretty close to the box.
I'm naturally a dark blonde that used to spend a lot of time store bleaching my hair. I've never added any extra colors in because my job would flip out on me. I'd love some deep purple!

There is a lot of good information on the manic panic website.
The site says: "Formula Hair Colors do not damage the hair but actually have restorative properties adding moisture and "fill" to processed hair."

You need to feed your hair some love going forward.
I love "It's a Ten" products.

I use the Miracle Leave-In Conditioner daily.
On days when I straighten my hair I also use the Miracle Shine Spray.
This stuff is truly a miracle for my hair. I learned about it from the some of the local Hawaiian girls. They have really coarse hair.


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Re: Anyone know much about hair??? Bleaching disaster...

Post by cattsy on Mon Oct 25, 2010 5:37 pm

Thanks so much for all the tips and tricks Smile

I did go see a hair stylist friend of mine, she assured me it wasn't as bad as all that, and gave me the confidence to continue on my own.

I got a really nice light golden blond dye and used a 30 vol developer to lift the last two levels. It evened out the blond and took away the nasty orange. I used a toner to tame the rest of the yellowish tints and ended up with a really pretty light blond. I used the blue on the bottom 1/3rd and it turned out awesome I'll post pics after next weekend when I'm all dolled up for halloween Smile

Defenitely don't know that I would ever try an attempt like that again!! I went from a level 2 to a level 9 and I'm lucky I didn't fry my hair!! I do have a bit of damage at the ends but nothing a trim won't cure, I got lucky LOL.

Yay for great conditioner!! I've been doing deep coniditioning with a heavy conditioner once a day where I wet my hair put the conditioner in and cover it up for a half hour or so while I do my bedtime routine, and that's helped TREMENDOUSLY with the feel of it.

All in all, cost me about $30 in product and a week of freaking that I had ruined my hair :p but going to a salon would have cost me probably $200... soo I think it was worth it Wink Learned alot too about hair product and processing and what you can and can't use so it was defenitely a learning xperience lol...

Next time tho, I'm leaving it to the pros haha

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Re: Anyone know much about hair??? Bleaching disaster...

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