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Demographics and your most popular designs?

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Demographics and your most popular designs?

Post by JBM on Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:30 am

So I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now and I learnt so much. I have a few questions though. I have my first face painting gig next week. I run a henna business and have a market stall that has been going well for a few years. I recently moved to a new town (rural Australia) and I've been asked to include face painting at a "family day". I've got some Snazaroo paints, have made a few split cakes and have been practicing every night. I'm thinking that the folks local shows, rodeos and events are more likely to be into face painting so I'm looking to make it a permanent part of my business.

I'm wondering what the usual age of people getting face paint is? I was surprised that it is generally older women or teens for henna. I'm guessing kids but what ages? And what are your most requested designs? I've been practicing butterflies, fairies, tigers, skulls, witches, skulls, lady bugs swirls and am ok with freestyle. Not sure if I'm into cheek art but will go with what people ask for. Also not sure about a picture board. For henna I have a few folders and some photo albums. Was thinking I could ask parents as I go if its ok to photograph kids for a photo board? Most of my practice is on myself or DH (the new local cop so not keen to have his photo publicly displayed with face paint tongue) so I got no pics yet that i can use. Does anyone work without a board?

Any Aussies want to comment on appropriate prices? Was thinking $5-10, $10 being for very complex full face $5 masks butterflies etc. Even though I'm not super experienced I don't want to under charge as its harder to raise prices later I think?

Also any other advice for a first gig is much appreciated. Think I must have read most of the threads on the forum but keen for advice especially re designs. Thanks. Question

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Re: Demographics and your most popular designs?

Post by Metina on Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:59 am

In my experience it is 5-10 year olds and the most popular re butterfiles, tiger and spiderman. Yup, you could pretty much do only those three and get through a gig!

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Re: Demographics and your most popular designs?

Post by Tash on Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:57 pm

$5-$10 is about right - although I have done a few events like school fetes where they will only let you charge $5 for everything.
I look at it this way - charge $5 and you'll have a long line all day - charge $10 and you have a short line but you'll earn the same money for less work - so really it's up to you.
I always feel bad charging $10 when that family with five kids shows up.
Metina is right - you could easily get through a gig with only those three faces... sad but true.
Welcome to the forum by the way.

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Re: Demographics and your most popular designs?

Post by twobluestripes on Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:53 am

if you want kids you've painted on their boards, make sure you have them sign a photo release form! i think they might have an example on the snazaroo website.

i say add to the list at least one fancy eye design and one or two cute cheek art each for girls and boys. lots of painters don't like cheek art because it takes almost as long for full face but you pretty much have to charge less, but i find lots of kids are nervous about having something big on their face and want something small, or even something on their hand where they can see it. adults who don't want to ruin a whole face of makeup like cheek art too (ie cherries, cupcake, tropical flower, skull and cross bones, small dragon or snake, small butterfly, heart with name scroll)


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Re: Demographics and your most popular designs?

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:08 pm

Generally in public the age range is 3-10 years. Birthday parties range from 2-9 usually (I explain to the 2 yr old's parent I won't paint under 3 years... some still book me to paint the rest of the kids). I've also been booked to paint at adult birthday parties which I LOVE doing.

All ages get into it... I've painted grandparents at birthdays often.

As to pricing - I only work on an hourly basis so no idea what works on PPF.


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Re: Demographics and your most popular designs?

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