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OMG! I totally got to paint w/ Mark Reid tonight!!

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Re: OMG! I totally got to paint w/ Mark Reid tonight!!

Post by JBax on Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:27 pm

Lady Jayde wrote:
JBax wrote:He is one of my favorites because of his nature. If I'm paying big bucks to learn from him, I don't want chatty people not paying attention distracting the class... and he makes sure you have got the idea. There was another like him at FABAIC (I can never remember her name, but she looks 12, but doesn't mind calling people to attention!)

Was it Kerry Ann? She's another painter/instructor who's very serious about her art and teaching her students. I really loved the way she kept things on track during a class I took with her in CT, even with the distractions present. And yes...she could totally pass for 12 or 13 at first glance, lol.

YES!!! Kerry Ann! Thanks!

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