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Forum T-shirt

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Re: Forum T-shirt

Post by Beans on Sun Mar 20, 2011 6:17 am

BarbieSmith wrote:Great, great, GREAT point about not wanting moms in line to check out facepaintforum.com! We do NOT want to create our own new competition Smile

I hear ya! I like the superpower suggestion too! Perhaps if it had the quote on the front where the kids can read it and on the back it says 'professional face painter' as someone else suggested then maybe the shirt could be personalised by adding your own website just under that?? Might be a bit too much info? I might be inclined to transfer my own website using an iron on... either way I'm still in however it goes.

OR what if a forum logo was designed and added to the sleeve as like a secret code to others so only we know who we are?? AND then we won't be encouraging any new competition??

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Re: Forum T-shirt

Post by Tilly - Formerly Punky on Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:24 pm

Okay, so not that this should really go on a shirt we would wear at a gig, but it'd be fun for out and about....

This just popped into my head this past weekend while I was jamming with some friends at a the Clown Forum Spring Fling...

"Yeah, I'm a face painter, I bleed rainbows!"


"I eat, sleep, breathe, and bleed face paint!"

or for the face painting clowns who like to accentuate their lunacy...

"I'm COMMITTED! ..... to providing professional quality face painting wherever I go"
Tilly - Formerly Punky

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