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Looking to buy empty 50g containers (or trade something)

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Looking to buy empty 50g containers (or trade something)

Post by Fabtastic on Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:57 pm

Hi all! I bought these fabulous new divided trays, and the 50 gm rainbow paints fit in them exactly perfectly!! But, I want to put ALL my paints in these. I've smooshed several colours straight into the trays but I don't really like that way of doing it. So I'd like to buy empty 50 gm rainbow containers - just the bottoms, really. I don't need the lids. I'll smoosh my colours into the containers and then put them in my new trays, it will be much tidier.

Please please please!!! I'm so excited about this new setup but not about the way it looks right now, it's kinda messy. So if you have any empty ones you want to part with, even just one, please let me know!

Also, I have an extra brand-new unopened Paradise Prisma cake, colour Twist (bought two by mistake). If anyone wants it, let me know what you'd like to trade for it...

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