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Models- thoughts and observations

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Models- thoughts and observations

Post by Lynnie on Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:25 pm

This is going to be a little bit of a rant but a bit of a curious post as well.

As face painters we tend to kinda get stuck when it comes to models. We paint ourselves, and those who are lucky enough to have young children available to them paint them. I overheard comments at another event where the painters board was all painted images of her. People complained. I didn't understand that. Art is art and if she can do it on herself, she should be able to do it on others, yes? I applaud the magazines that accept images of face paintings on practice heads because really, what are some of us supposed to do? When you're stumped for models (as in, no kids to paint)), how do you design your boards or promote your work?

Then there are the plus-sized models who seem to be shunned from our industry. This BREAKS. MY. HEART. Why? Do they not deserve this experience as well? Joanne Gair has used plus-sized models to amazing effect...and let's face it, there are GORGEOUS plus-sized people. Yes, they take a bit of rethinking of designs, a bit more paint and a little more time but truth be told...I love painting people with a bit "more" to them. So many designs seem to come to greater life with more curves to work with. I also have to say that when painting slender people I prefer painting supple people as there aren't musculature lines to get around (although I have a design where I need someone with very washboard abs to turn into an apartment complex lol). Then I look in the industry magazines and I am just...well, gobsmacked and the lack of anything other than thin/muscled forms. Same things with models in classes. For body painters, does it really matter so much to you? Do you feel our art perpetuates the notion that thinner is better, especially as body art becomes more main stream? Would it bother you if you were assigned a plus-sized model?

My hub pointed out that a good many of the girls who are in photos of "pro's" have breast implants, and it's quite obvious. Now, from working in a tattoo parlor I can say that the relative immobility of them makes them easier to do work on (firmer surface, etc) but has anyone else noticed this? He and I just went through my Illusions and he's right, there are a lot in there. Is this something you consider when selecting a model?

When you are body/face painting for your boards and promotional work- do you compensate the models? Do you take your own photos or use a photographer- and if you use a photographer do you compensate them? Why or why not?

The reason I ask is I know an FX make-up artist who offers nothing, I mean not even image use via contract, as compensation to models/photographers and I disagree. He's not getting any volunteers and has been bashing local models/photogs for not helping him out. We want to be compensated for our art, and so should they be. Even if it's permission to use prints in their portfolios and providing food. Sometimes that means more to those starting out than money...sometimes. ;-)

Yeah...my brain has been running a million miles an hour as I prep my plans for this coming season. Can you tell? lol


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Re: Models- thoughts and observations

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:01 am

Don't know if I will get to all your points but...

Re: choosing model body types.

When I design a competition piece I work on a standard template so when I want to transfer to a model I prefer them to be, ah... to have no saggy bits. The design needs to show to optimum effect and when you are pulling a model from a pool you have to cross your fingers... or make your own arrangements.

I've got no issues painting "normal" people but have to agree that implants make it a lot easier...

For competition it is about showing off the design and I will admit that it is easier on the firm, athletic types... it just is.

Most of the body painting I've done locally is for clubs, and, yes, the women are generally your typical hot young chick... that's who are willing to get painted up to parade around in public. The ones with no body issue baggage (other than standing around comparing their breasts while waiting to get painted Rolling Eyes )

And, as a "plus size" myself... no way am I taking off ANYTHING to be painted and displayed in public OR photographed! But more power to those who are comfortable!

Re: compensation

When I want to paint something for my own purposes I have a core group of people who like to model for me on a volunteer basis. I don't pay them, but will give them prints, and other thank you gifts. If they are for a publication I make sure to get a copy for them to keep. I actually have several people on my "list" for any body paintings I want to do.

For faces I have lots of volunteers. They like the idea that they may end up published as a lot of my work does end in print.

I have access to younger models through my involvement with the theatre which is nice. But I only use them for special projects. And pretty much always send their parents a few photos from the shoot.

I always take my own photos. I did have one pro-photographer tell me to let him know the next time I did a body and he would come and shoot it for nothing - I took him up on it. Ended up using my own photos as his were just not right for the purpose.

Re: display board photos

I have lots of myself on there, my brother, a couple of my regular models and quite a few one-of models. Enough selection and variety for anyone.

My "Fast Faces" display is about 80% me... but I had to make up the display over one weekend for an event and had to paint myself 17 times on a Sunday to get enough photos for the board! And, yes, I do get comments on how many photos there are of me, mostly amazed that I can paint those things on myself scratch

Every time I paint myself, which is for every job, I get photos so I have a massive collection of ME photos and they are usually pretty nice designs, or new ones that I am trying out.


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Re: Models- thoughts and observations

Post by Mehndi Masala on Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:37 am

I'm still a noob for the full body and face painting, but my dance card is full. I have several photo shoots under my belt now - some professional and one will be in a magazine come September (nice long wait...place pout here Wink ) (still need WAY MORE freaking practice) but I have discovered several things, and come to some conclusions. They may not also be your own conclusions.
1) Life is not fair. I got used to it. I am a Goddess sized woman of beauty. I love me and my life. With the exception of my DH, no one wants to see me or anyone my size in a thong. Period. Is that short sighted? Yup. Is it shallow and narrow minded? For sure. But PYT models are easier to paint, have no hangups, and people will appreciate the artwork rather than wonder why someone's aunt is nekkid. We do discriminate and it's only getting worse. I actually prefer a little bit more 'canvas' to work with but I am not just an artist...I'm a business woman. My body don't sell paint. My models get people interested in what I do. That eventually translates into $$.

2) I have 2 more photoshoots coming up that I am trying to work around my trips to Ohio, Las Vegas and FABAIC and am still trying to get my bridal season organized. I could have more, but one thing at a time. I have two words for anyone who wants to be able to get some fine models for body paint...
Model Mayhem.com! I posted my work, let people know that I will work for pix but only under certain conditions. I want my model and photographer to be comfortable so if a photographer wants to work with me, I either have a model in mind or I ask him if he has someone in mind that he would like to use. If it's the model, she lines up a photographer. Takes all the work and running around out of it for me. Is it a risk? Yup. For my snake girl the same thing happened to me that happend to Shannon. He did not 'sell' my art....he failed as a photographer to capture the product and went on to do some 'artsy' shots. Nice but not functional for me. Luckily I always bring my own camera to capture my work so I did get functional shots. I will not work with him again, but I did find 2 I do like to work with. In my MM profile I mention my experience, my past accomplishments, post examples of my work and my website so they know what I do! I posted this ...In part....:

I am always looking for professional photos of my work. I have plenty for my mehndi (henna) art through wedding photos and bridal magazine/media photo shoots, but I would like to work with local photographers and models for the purpose of attaining portfolio pix and for the ability to create in the face and body painting department! I have many of my friends who would volunteer, but with a model they have a sense of drama and body awareness that is a talent that I donít have in my personal circle. Looking for models and photographers looking to build their personal porfolios with some fantastic full body art. Male or female are welcome as varying canvas is needed. I can do completely topless, but require nipple covers as I would like to keep my art 'g' rated - it is up to you if you feel this is 'nude' work or not. It will never be tasteless or too sexual - sensual is fine as long it is kept genuinely artistic. I will work for compensation other than photos if more risque photos (fully nudes, topless or fetish) are required by the model or photographer as I will be unable to use the photos. Due to the work required and paint cost, those sessions would require monetary or barter to be decided at that time.

As you can tell, I paint to an international standard and this is something that Winnipeg does not offer so this is a good opportunity to have magazine quality artwork for your own portfolio! Iíve included henna models from professional shoots and shots of my work that showcase my abilities, but as you can see with the body paintÖ.I would love a professional photographer with an artistic eye to make them pop off the page! Hopefully we can get together!

It is a group effort where everyone wins! Prof. pix of good quality can cost hundreds up to thousands.....but if you can tempt a photographer with an unusual or cool subject matter, free is great! I do also have a 'list' of body paints I want to do. When it is off the list, it is no longer free as I've done it already and if they want the same subject matter, then some other arrangements (money) would have to be made or they can choose from the remaining options.

I don't know if this is a long tired rant, but I hope it maybe was helpful for someone! I think Shannon made more sense!! If you made it to the end of this post....sorry!! LOL Embarassed Sleep now... Sleep
Mehndi Masala

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Re: Models- thoughts and observations

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