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Airbrush System/Questions

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Airbrush System/Questions

Post by tamarielpaints on Tue May 24, 2011 2:26 pm

I'm just curious, is airbrushing for bodypainting in any way similar to airbrushing for makeup? Can you use the same system?

Basically, I'm debating taking a makeup airbrush class and before I shell out a grand for materials, I'm wondering about overlap and practicality for adding it in as an aspect to the services I offer.

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Re: Airbrush System/Questions

Post by Noella on Tue May 24, 2011 3:14 pm

Yes it is similar, maybe you can use the same system (depends on the system).

Airbrushes are airbrushes - some have finer lines (output), some hold more liquid, some have different balance points - you might like different ones for different reasons or purposes. You might find that the airbrush you like best for applying foundation to the face is *not* the one you pick up when you are applying a base coat for bodypainting. Similar to a regular brush application - your liner vs your sponge or wider brush.

Compressor/pump - this is where the biggest difference for makeup vs body comes in - when I'm doing makeup on a set - I likely want a small compressor - when I'm doing a full body I want a more powerful one that will be fine running for hours. Same thing for doing temporary tattoos etc - "big", strong, able to take the pressure, maybe have a holding tank etc etc.

The makeup can be the same - it is water based, alcohol based or silicone based - body or face. Foundation colors for "makeup" or bright colors etc - you can use alcohol based on the face but it isn't recommended - you can use water based on the body, but it won't last as long as alcohol based.

Many of the makeup airbrushing classes I've seen include a portion on bodypainting.....

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Re: Airbrush System/Questions

Post by Sweet Loretta on Thu May 26, 2011 3:27 pm

Airbrushing is airbrushing like classic painting is painting. The basics are the same and the nuances different.

A system for makeup will not be powerful enough for body painting.
You don't need that much umph to apply beauty makeup so the compressors and airbrushes have a smaller capacity. You'll want a bit more psi and storage capacity to do body art.

So the long and short of is is no you will not use the same system to do makeup as you will for body painting
Sweet Loretta

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Re: Airbrush System/Questions

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