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Clinton County Ohio Fair Double Booking and mismanagement

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Clinton County Ohio Fair Double Booking and mismanagement

Post by lizdexia on Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:53 am

I'm writing to find out if any of you has been booked for the fair here in Wilmington, Clinton County Ohio.

The reason I'm writing is because, as is usual here, the local officials are disorganized--I gather there's been some changes in whom is running what this year. At any rate, I had the booking locked in months and months ago, only to be told when we called for an update on space that someone else had been booked. 'We already have a face painter."
Imagine my surprise, when I had been told that was *me* !

If any of you here are the are the face painters in question, please private message me. I can't believe they did this, and it's obvious we need to educate them a bit about protocol. Wilmington is my home town, and I love it--lived here most of my 40 years....but man, this is frustrating.

::disgusted sigh::

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