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So.. I shot myself with a staple gun. What did you do today?

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Re: So.. I shot myself with a staple gun. What did you do today?

Post by a face painting mom on Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:57 am

My best story...

My oldest child has asperger, so she is totally litteral. Told her to go bring the groceries in from the car, it was a suburban, which also had two very large boxes inside. We had to replace one of the toilets, so they were sitting in the truck until the instaler was scheduled the next day.

Anyway, I am putting the groceies away, and I hear a huge crash outside. My daughter has dutifuly brought in the grocires, which, to her, includes the toilet! Silly me, even after hearing the crash of what is certainly porceline, I stick my hand inside a small hole on top to "see" if it was broken. It was! Sliced off part of my finger too.

The moral? If you have a toilet in your car...tell all high functioning autsitc people to only bring in the BAGS from the car...and...never use you hand to see, even if you should be smart enought to know what it is going to look like! One of my biggest "DUH" momoments.

a face painting mom

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