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Just sharing split samples

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Re: Just sharing split samples

Post by 1HappyNut on Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:48 pm

I find that it depends on the brush quality whether the bristles separate or not. I have bought some dollar store fan brushes with varying success. But I purchased a brush from Michaels that was originally priced (before my coupon) at about $12? It has worked well. There was a $25 fan brush that I really coveted but couldn't justify atm.
Just play around with different paints (I get different results with metallics than I do with neon or non-metallic paint), and try varying amounts of water on your brush. Each produces a different result.
More water on your brush when you load produces a smoother, but less pigmented butterfly. Less water and lots of metallic paint produces a drier, less perfect image. I also find that the drier my brush becomes, the more the bristles want to separate.
I haven't really tried it with a split cake but I'll bet it would be stunning.

You can still outline in a purple or green to finish it off and cover any mistakes, or add definition (a curling, swirling swallow-type tail).


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