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DFX Head Office, Netherlands - FULL STATEMENT !!!!!

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DFX Head Office, Netherlands - FULL STATEMENT !!!!!

Post by AUSSIE3070 on Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:04 am

I emailed as Metina advised and got the full statement.

I replied with a "thank you and I will post it on the Face Paint Forum . . . Eugine replied and didn't tell me I couldn't post it on here so . . here it is - the "Official Statement"

. . . . . .

I hereby sent you as requested, the full statement.
With regards

Official announcement from Diamond FX Head office, Netherlands
Alex Beek
C.E.O. Diamond FX Face Arts
Pretty Face BV

To all concerned users of DFX USA

Saturday, August 6th we received an email about a few jars, with a label on the outside containing a LOTnumber: DFX 101.

This number is not ours, the label was cheap and every user know's we don't wrap our jars in cellophane.
More customers came to us direct because the USA distributor gave non or divergent answers.

Trying in vain, to contact OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR, we immediate gave a notification via our Facebook fan page, that DFX jars, with LOTnumber 101 is not a DFX product.

After that, we got a reaction from the USA distributor, claiming that she had put on the LOTnumber.

But when the images of the containers came and also the reactions on that containers from our customers, it made us realize that the USA distributor did not sell our DFX products to her customers, but a different product, that does not come from us, Diamond FX Head Quarters in Europe.

This products have nothing to do with us.

Where she did get the products from, we did not know yet.

OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR's assistant, wrote emails to customers that they had would get an order from Europe ( more than once).
We have the proof, of emails saying this.

But we have estimations of orders, sent to us, by customers, that do not not match the purchases made by OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR at Diamond FX.

It is simple calculating.

You buy xxxx items of products… but you sell xxxxx.xxxx products. How can that be if you purchased genuine Diamond FX products at Diamond FX Face arts?

It can not!

We received an email, showing that OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR used a certain Adrian Corona and David Battye, from Adcom, to buy and ship, products from a company that produces facepaint.

She used the name of the former owner of Diamond FX, who has no permission at all to place any order for DiamondFX, confirmed by court order here in the Netherlands at any time.

Does not work for Diamond FX, has no strings to DiamondFX or even a relationship to facepaint anymore with facepainting.

Not just that, when he was former owner he also has never given the OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR permission to buy or order at the producer at any point in the business relationship.

OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR is misusing the DiamondFX company name plus logo on the face paint jars, she ordered. That is a criminal offense.

The owner of the brand DiamondFX did not allow OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR the use of logo or the name to use for face paint she ordered in China / Taiwan.

There is no franchise or any other agreement.

This is Trademark infringement.

Plus she (mis)uses the name of the former owner in placing orders with the producer, who will not sell the same product, so the product is not Diamond FX products.

From survey evidence a customer of OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR sent us, the past 6 months they ordered worth $ 50,000,--, (wholesale) others have ordered over $ 4000,--( wholesale)

According to the producer of the paint, this was already taking place in 2010. He thought he acted in good faith.

The labels on the jars, where copied from an order, OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR made in november 2010. We offered to sent the order sooner, so the vendors could have the order before Christmas. OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR, did not want that.

She tought the expense where to high.

when the order arrived, we had to label the products, but OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR kindly offered to do that for us, because she had the staff for it.

We than offered to give her, for these missing 1000 labels, a discount of 600,-- euro.

( our labels cost 150 euro per 1000 cps) So she could let her staff label the 1000 missing pieces.

We sent OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR an image for the right label, asking her to follow our regulations, because it only was for one specific container!

OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR did not followed our order, or regulations, but misused the labels for her own paint.

That is why the jars, all have a strange LOTnumber, and also mostly contain the same BARCODE.

our barcodes contain all different numbers. That is why we don't use LOTnumbers.

We have LOTnumber … or LOTnumber 008. Never LOTnumber 101.

We will look into in the near future, for other labeling!

All emails, all Facebook and conversations OUR USA DISTRIBUTOR put out, to make statements, concerning her involvement in this, we have evidence of contrary! In email, fax or written proof.

We don't want to share that online or with our vendors and customers, because this is a part of our company policy.

We do however, want to assure our customers, our users and their children, that we will do everything possible that Diamond FX in the U.S.A. will be a safe and good product to use.

A product that will be fun to use, that has a involved and concerned team in the Netherlands, that will alway's support their customers and users.

We opened a webshop for consumers, so everybody will be able to buy their facepaint. Therefore we open our online distributor webshop, for all the vendors in the USA, and ask them to believe that we support them in every way.

We will try to find out, if we can help in any way, to get refunds or help in this matter. We are as much devastated as you must be.

Diamond FX is involved, in its Paint, but also in its customers.

Please contact us, if you have any questions, if you feel the need to talk or need to know anything that is not clear. We are here as much as possible.

We also like to contact you to the vendors, from which we know have the real and genuine Diamond FX face and bodypaint.

We thank all our faithful users and vendors, who contacted us with their support and trust.

It is heart warming and it helps us to grow into a strong and solid brand!

we are beyond dissapointed, hoping there will be no further dealings like this with our trusted vendors.

'On the up side, we found out who our real friends are"

Thank you.

Alex Beek
C.E.O. Diamond FX Face Arts
Pretty Face Bv

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Re: DFX Head Office, Netherlands - FULL STATEMENT !!!!!

Post by Skidzz on Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:43 pm

Really sounds like a case of please watch this hand, so you don't notice what the other is doing! my other thought is 'what a crock'

I am glad I waited to buy Dfx... I don't think I will buy it in the future either. Doesn't sound like they can be professional in any manner after everything that I have read about this.

Good Luck to all of you who have to deal with this crap.

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Re: DFX Head Office, Netherlands - FULL STATEMENT !!!!!

Post by Sparklyone on Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:06 pm

What a crock is right. So many words, so much distraction....I have personally seen documentation/invoices from the situation and strongly believe she/DFX is not being truthful. I'm embarrassed for them that they could be so unethical in this. Sometimes just admitting a mistake and moving on to the best of your ability is the right thing to do. It's insulting to see them trying to create this elaborate cover up and think we will all believe it.


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Re: DFX Head Office, Netherlands - FULL STATEMENT !!!!!

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