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To raise my rates or not to raise my rates?

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Re: To raise my rates or not to raise my rates?

Post by Painted Ink. Izzy on Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:24 pm

Okay I looked at some of the other painters in the area. Some are very high but offer a whole lot more. Others (at least the ones with websites) are right around 50-100 so I settled on 60/hr with 2 hour min.
I def agree I don't want to piss anyone off by unintentionally under cutting their prices. I know my boyfriend means well and just doesn't want me to be scaring people off especially since we need the money. Sadly the gigs I have had I don't get to use any of what I make to replenish my kit so I am running low. Thankfully I am starting a new job so funds shouldn't be an issue soon.

You are right I know what you are telling me I just needed some encouragement. I am trying to keep it around $100ish for a birthday so more people can have it. I got spooked because the 1st person I told my prices to (when they were $50/hr said was too high and I settled on an hour and it was just a negative bad experience all around. I didn't even get to paint the birthday boy because he wouldn't get out of the pool and it had been an hour so I wasn't going to wait or paint the other parents. I just wanted out! lol

I am going to accept people gawking at the prices and stick to my guns. The people that will appreciate it will pay it. Obviously I need to make a little more so I can replace my paints and stop worrying about quantity and more about quality of the people I work for...

NOT to mention that I want to get more into body painting instead of faces/birthday parties.

Okay I am going to stop now since this has turned into a huge ramble!

Thank you all!

Painted Ink. Izzy

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Re: To raise my rates or not to raise my rates?

Post by AngieAnders on Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:36 pm

Good for you Sara! Don't worry, it gets easier I promise! People pick up on confidence, so just tell them your rates as if they are getting a great deal, and don't even let a hint of apology or uneasiness show. I usually tell them my rates and then continue talking for a little while about what I do at a party (gems, glitter, yay!), to give them time for it to sink in. That's better for both of us. LOL.

Having the rates listed on your website will really help too. Most people will already know what to expect when they call you on the phone. If they checked your rates and called anyway then you've got them. Smile

Jobs will come with referrals. It will be slow at first while you build up a name for yourself and develop a customer base. But before long, people will refer you to their friends for parties, and people will remember you from festivals where you've painted. Before you know it, work will be coming in.

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Re: To raise my rates or not to raise my rates?

Post by Geekophile on Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:10 pm

Here is something I did when I was setting my rates. I tried to think of what people did spend money on at birthday parties and checked my prices against them as well as other face painters. birthday parties around here always have bouncy houses- so I checked their rates. Hm. People were spending $200-300 without batting an eye - even in the ghetto! And then I thought, birthday cake. So I went to the grocery store to see what that was going for (not an expensive bakery mind you- just the grocery) $30. (no way is an hour of my time worth the same as a cake!) Is there a Chuck-e-Cheese where you live? How much does that cost? This is what people are willing to spend on an average birthday party. Let that give you confidence in your pricing.

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Re: To raise my rates or not to raise my rates?

Post by a face painting mom on Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:23 pm

Add in that you come to them, you have insurance for their peace of mind, you use professional products, and best of all...you can do something that they can't do, and they want it, or they would not have called you in the first place. Not even the giant Pizza Rat can offer them that!

It is hard to let the people go when you get that call, and you are so excited, but it works out in the long run.
a face painting mom

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Re: To raise my rates or not to raise my rates?

Post by Sponsored content

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