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powders: mica, glitter, metalic... what's the difference?

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powders: mica, glitter, metalic... what's the difference?

Post by summers4seasons on Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:53 am

I am thinking about adding shimmer powder to my kit, but can't decide which kind to get. Are they all basically the same? What's the difference between mica, lux, luminier, mehron metallic...? Is it like the difference between "pearl" and "metalic" paint? What about setting liquid? Do they all need one?

I am thinking I want loose powder because I would like to make some gilding gel with it and try it with tattoos too, but what do you all prefer? Pressed or loose? I saw one thread on buying loose and making your own pressed pallette to work from...best of both worlds?

AHHHHH! Too many choices!!!

Thank you!!!!


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Re: powders: mica, glitter, metalic... what's the difference?

Post by Noella on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:31 am

There are variations between all the different brands - the branding each one does makes each unique (or sort of so). You really either need to get a recommendation for a brand or try out till you find which one(s) you like.

I like different things about different products from different brands - I personally prefer to get pressed powder already pressed, and loose powder already loose - I find they behave as I expect them to then without having to add extra products to press them or having them sticking slightly because they were pressed previously.

I find in some brands powders aren't ground as fine and I can't mix them to be airbrushed. I like some glitters because they stick to certain airbrush tattoo inks (even 10 minutes after it was sprayed), but find that others don't work as well - it's a lot of trial and error.

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