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a very slow day!

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a very slow day!

Post by gorjessfaces on Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:46 pm

I wish this day would hurry up!

1. Its friday.
2. all my work is done.
3. im bored.
4. im getting a headache from the computer.
5. i have to visit my twin brother & sister after work, & cousins and paint their face for a concert.
6. i have a birthday cake to make for a party tomorrow (red & gold disco love cake) weird!!! anyway that was the request im gonna need brain power for that one.
7. i want to go buy more paint brushes.
8. i have new face paints just sitting at home waiting for me to play with them.
9. i have to pick my computer up from getting fixed.
10. i have to figure out what im cooking for tea.

too much to do and sooo little time. if only i could leave stinky work right now all would be good.

ok ive finished sooking

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