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Christmas Play Face Painting Ideas

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Christmas Play Face Painting Ideas

Post by CottonKandyClown on Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:54 am

Hey Everyone!

I've been asked to do some face painting for the people in the play. There are about 12 adults(some of the older men might not want to be painted). I'm trying to come up with something small and easy, but with a wow factor Wink Any ideas?

The play is like a rehearsal of a nativity scene with a director and then prop people walk in. So some are biblical and some are just regular people. There are angels, too. Then there are live animals(little kids dressed up as animals) and those should be easy enough.

Oh, my daughter is "The Star of Bethlehem." She's in a gold star costume and her face can be seen. I'm guessing lots of gold and glitter, maybe a gold mask. Any Ideas?

I figure, I better have things planned out so I'm not thinking too much when I get there! scratch

Thanks for any help Smile


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Re: Christmas Play Face Painting Ideas

Post by Psalmbook on Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:20 am

I think most the adults won't need any face painting. Maybe some stage makeup, so they don't looked washed out under lights(be careful w/ the men... there's a fine line between giving them color & making them look like they're in drag. Use natural foundations & browns.
For the kids, do barn animal faces.
For the angels, maybe shimmery shear metallic whites or shimmer powders.

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