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First gig - and I'm panicking!

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First gig - and I'm panicking!

Post by OneFirefly on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:13 am

A friend asked me to paint at her daughter's birthday party. I'm a bit terrified! I'm not charging as I'm not good enough to yet, and besides I just want to be able to relax and enjoy the practice. I have a question:

I've only been doing this for a few weeks. Do you think it's acceptable to have a mini menu board seeing as I might have trouble painting from memory at this point? Plus I'd like to be able to give them options to choose from, rather than "can you turn me into a baby meerkat dressed up as spiderman"...?

I got a practice head yesterday and have been playing around a bit.
I wouldn't normally make a snake purple, but my green splitcake stains.
Next time I'll do the flowers with the pink in the middle.

I'm off to search for some other threads on 'first gigs'!


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Re: First gig - and I'm panicking!

Post by Kristal on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:26 am

Why wouldn't it be acceptable? I still use a menu! I know some painters prefer not to, but I 1)HATED getting asked "What can you do?" every single turn, and 2)it gave me an out in case I had a request that I had no idea how to pull off, or hate (ie "Can I have Optimus Prime?" "We're actually only doing the designs from the board today, since we have a lot of kids in line!")

A picture menu is great, or else if you want to test yourself (you can always have your photos under the table or in your bag Smile ), you can write out a word list instead.

And with painting from memory...really two faces won't be the same anyway, so rarely will 2 designs be identical. Sometimes I don't even look at the board before I get to a gig, have someone ask for the obscure design I just put in there to balance the board out, wing it, and realise after that it's totally different - but they still loved it, haha.

You'll do great - have fun and breathe! (And if all else fails, give the glitter an extra poof Smile )

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Re: First gig - and I'm panicking!

Post by sammie star creation on Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:06 am

You will do great, just relax and enjoy painting, i agree with kristal that it ok to have a face menu, because it your first job maybe have a limit of designs because each girls will have different face you could paint the same design but in different colours and if their a boys at the party maybe have 5 design that you could paint, you will do great just smile and breathe, if you have time would love see pics/photos from the party flower
sammie star creation

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Re: First gig - and I'm panicking!

Post by a face painting mom on Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:56 am

It should be fine either way! You don't have to paint what they ask for, even with a board, you may be asked for things you don't have up there, so just be ready to say no, if that is what you are most comfortabel doing. For me, I don't like to try out something i have not practiced at a gig, it just does not feel right, so I say no, and there are somethings (like spongebob) that look so bad, I just don't do him!) That's OK, I think. You will be able to find something that every child will like!

Your purple Snake is cool! 100% acetone will clean off your practice head, even green!

Good luck, have a great time!
a face painting mom

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Re: First gig - and I'm panicking!

Post by Fun2Play on Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:27 am

Great! Have fun! Use a board and keep it simple if you like. It's probably best to stick to designs you are fairly comfortable with already, but that's not a rule and if you're feeling confident, you go for it.

And if you find yourself getting nervous - as I sometimes do at the start of a gig... take a moment to chat to the child in your chair or the parents, or both. Making small talk will help take your mind of whatever it might be you are worrying about and this is a great time to make a child feel special.

Remember to take photos (or get someone else to - close ups preferably) - hopefully the parent/guardians will be around to give you the ok... remember to smile... and be prepared: you are going to be one popular lady!


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Re: First gig - and I'm panicking!

Post by martha on Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:29 am

Do whatever you are comfortable with. And might I suggest that rather than saying "free" you tell people that you are in the process of establishing your business and that you will waive your fee in exchange for promotional pictures? I haven't done that but will in the future.

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Re: First gig - and I'm panicking!

Post by Pepita on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:14 pm

That's great news !
I'm sure you'll have fun !
When you see the kids, just remember they want to have fun, and so do you (I guess :-D). Things don't have to be perfect, as long as there's love to your work, it'll be great !

Concerning what is acceptable or not, I remember a balloon convention (ok it's not face painting but I believe the same applies) where a teacher - quite famous in the industry - stated that we were the "master" in our own entertainment program or show, and we had to decide which rules were right for us, and make sure no one would choose the rules for us. Although it may sound a bit excessive, it makes sense in most situations.

If you want or need a menu, then have it, since it is in everyone's interest : it will help you be more relaxed and work better Very Happy .

I personnally loooooove menus (for balloons too), for he same reason as Kristal's Laughing .

Have a nice gig !

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Re: First gig - and I'm panicking!

Post by Who B What E on Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:32 pm

I saw where someone had a photo board for the kids to choose from and had each photo numbered, then had a matching set of wallet size photos which they had laminated and put onto a key ring. I thought this was a great idea for beginners. Good luck! I'm sure you will do fine. Your work shows you really care!
Who B What E

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Re: First gig - and I'm panicking!

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